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SAMURAI 2 SAMURAI 2.6.2 Manual View
  • All instruments of the APOLLO and HARMONIE product families are supported
  • Reinhard weather stations are supported
  • Triggered recording for all analysis data
  • Data Browser
  • Post-processing mode
  • Combination of several measuring modes
  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 are supported
  • Compound triggers may be combined
  • Continuous modulation indication (even in STOP mode)
  • Status graph for indication the SAMURAI program states
  • Multiple analyses, up to five SLM, third octaves and FFTs may be calculated simultaneously
  • Calculation of a sound intensity map
  • Tone assessment
  • Room acoustics
  • Evaluation of sound reduction installations in road construction (Adrienne)
  • Sensor error detection (Soundbook MK2 or Apollo only)
SAMURAI 1 SAMURAI 1.7.24 Manual View
SAMURAI Sound Power SAMURAI Sound Power 1.4.7 Manual View
SAMURAI Sound Intensity SAMURAI Sound Intensity 2.6.0 Manual View
SAMBA SAMBA 1.4.0 Manual View
SINUS Driver SINUS Driver 5.2.16   View
Apollo-Boxes, Expander, Apollo-Sync-Hub   Manual