NEW! Advanced processing of NS8176-2017 vibration data from road and rail transport 2019

SAVTEK has released an advanced data processing and reporting service for NS8176-2017 ground vibration assessments. Ground vibration data measured using the SYSCOM MR3000C or ROCK ground vibration devices for rail or road events may be submitted to SAVTEK for processing and report generation in accordance with the provisions of the standard to evaluate the suitability of a building or building site for human comfort.

Tokens for single or multiple reports may be ordered in advance from SAVTEK. When all tokens have been used then additional tokens may be ordered so that the reporting service is available.

This service is provided to assist users of the SYSCOM ground vibration loggers to evaluate sites in accordance with the requirements of NS8176-2017 in a timely and efficient manner.

John Savery   /   29 January, 2019   /   News