NoisePAD and VibPAD Analysers

The new 4-channel NoisePAD or VibPAD real-time analysers for noise and vibration measurements have been released by SINUS Messtechnik. The 8” tablets have similar functionality but are smaller devices than the ever popular Soundbook or Apollo family of multi-channel sensor input devices. The NoisePAD or VibPAD tablets may be used for any combination of multi-channel sensors that are supported by the SINUS SAMURAITM software.

The SAMURAI software may be provided for the PAD tablets analysers in basic acoustic or vibration versions, as well as all of the other data acquisition and analysis options offered for other SINUS multi-channel data acquisition monitoring systems and analysers.

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Specification summary

Input:               4 channels 24 bit@51.2kHz, ICP/direct, 2 trigger/tacho channels

Output:            1 output channel

Tablet PC:        8” industrial, ATOM Cherrytrail, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD, Win10

Display:            Daylight display with touchscreen

Mechanical:     IP67, MIL810, temperature -20°C to +50°C

Dimensions:     226 x 156 x 28mm, 950g including battery

Autonomy:       > 10 hours

Interfaces:       USB, SD, WiFi, 4G, GPS,Bluetooth, 2xcamera


Darryl Watkins   /   12 September, 2021   /   News