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Earthquake/Sesimic Conference

21 August 2016

SAVTek will be exhibiting SYSCOM seismic and ground vibration monitoring solutions at the joint Australian Earthquake Engineering Society/Asian Sesimological Commission conference at the Melbourne Convention Centre on the 25th to 27th of November 2016.

See why SYCOM is the leading provider of seismic shutdown systems for nuclear power plants in the world.

Australasian Structural Engineering Conference

21 August 2016

SAVTek will be exhibiting SYSCOM seismic, ground vibration monitoring and blast monitoring solutions at the Australasian Structural Engineering Conference 2016 at the Brisbane Convention Centre on the 23rd and 24th of November 2016.

Make sure that you visit the stand to see the latest instrumentation for seismic, ground vibration and structural monitoring.

SINUS Messtechnik GmBh Conference

21 August 2016

John Savery, Managing Director, will be attending the International Conference of SINUS Messtechnik GmBh in Leipzig in September 2016. Meetings will include leading acoustic and vibration distributors from around the world.

The latest acoustic and vibration monitoring products from SINUS and MUNISENSE will be exhibited.


21 August 2016

Darryl Watkins, National Sales and Rental Manager, will be attending the International Conference of BARTEC SYSCOM in Athens in October 2016. Inspections of installed seismic dam and bridge installations in Greece will be included in the program.

New blasting ground vibration and blast overpressure instrument will be exhibited.

Long Term Noise Monitoring

21 August 2016

John Keogh, Research and Development Manager, reports that the new long term noise monitoring solution that includes statistical and spectral noise data, custom post-processing data options, 3G wireless communications and audio recordings has successfully completed field testing.

Further development is continuing and post-processing data analysis is being developed to satisfy customer requirements.

Winner of iPad mini at AAS conference

21 November 2013

Congratulations to Radek Kochanowski from NSW Transport who won the iPad mini at the SAVTek stand during the Australian Acoustical Society Conference at Victor Harbor (17th to 20th November 2013).

The conference was a great opportunity to discuss monitoring solutions with the attendees.

New Supplier – Vibrant Technology

1 August 2013

ME’Scope and Vibrant Technology's range of visual engineering software products are now available from SAVTek.

Please call for demonstration.

New Supplier – Woelfel

1 August 2013

Woelfel’s state of the art wireless accelerometers and wind farm monitoring systems are now available for sale or hire from SAVTek.

GPS Synchronisation for the SoundBook

1 May 2013

SAVTek is pleased to offer a specially modified Garmin GPS by SINUS. This GPS can be connected to the SoundBook or Apollo Devices via the GPS/SYNC port. The GPS device records the longitude and latitude in SAMURAI during measurements in the field. When data is exported to Excel the time is synchronised via the GPS.

GPS data includes longitude, latitude, angle of travel, ground speed, height above sea level and geoid separation.

The Garmin GPS feature enables the time clocks of two or more 24 bit Apollo devices (Soundbooks or Apollo boxes) to be synchronised to within 200ns of each unit.

Weather data synchronisation for the SoundBook

1 May 2013

A special version of the VAISALA WXT520 Weather Station with the SoundBook and SAMURAI software enables the synchronisation of weather data alongside noise or vibration measurements.

Recorded data includes rainfall, wind speed and direction, pressure, humidity and temperature. The data can be viewed on-screen in SAMURAI software or exported to Excel.

The VAISALA WXT520 is available for sale or rent from SAVTek.

3D Directional Noise Monitor

21 November 2012

New 3D Directional Noise monitor from Munisense. This solar powered unit can be deployed long term and all the results are accessed from a secure web portal interface. The type 1 unit is weather proof and also cost effective. Available for purchase or rental.

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Type 1 Wireless Microphone Link

21 November 2012

Product update: the Type 1 Wireless transmitter and receiver units from SINUS have a line-of-sight range of 300m with 9dBi aerials. These Wireless transmitter and receiver can be used through walls, across roads or rivers. The Wireless transmitter is available as 1 or 2 channels and has a 6 hour rechargeable battery.

Long-Term Noise and Vibration Measurement Stations

21 November 2012

Powerful new long term monitoring solutions using SAMURAI, the same software used on the SoundBook. The SK1 and SK2 Long-Term Noise and Vibration Measurement Stations feature single or multi channel analysis with SMS alerts, emailed reports with optional synchronous weather station data or video documentation.

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