CESVA 1/3 Octave Noise Logger

Noise Measurement

CESVA 1/3 Octave Noise Logger

CESVA SC310 Noise Logger + Outdoor Microphone + Tripod



The CESVA SC310 sound level meter may be fitted inside a pelican case with an external microphone and tripod to provide a Class1, 1/3 octave noise logger.

The loggers may be configured to sample noise levels in FAST Response (.125 seconds per sample) or SLOW Response (1second sample time).

The noise logger’s data will be downloaded and post-processed by SAVTEK using in-house software and noise data will be provided in unprocessed form and also in a summary report in Excel software. Time history reports and sonograms may be provided in the report.

Integration of weather data into the noise reporting is also available using a SAVTEK stand-alone weather station. This option may be provided in special cases where integration of the noise and weather data is desirable with suitable training for the customer.



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