CESVA Permanent Noise Logging Station

Long Term Noise Logger

CESVA Permanent Noise Logging Station

CESVA SC310 + Outdoor Microphone + Tripod + Modem + Software


A CESVA SC310 sound level meter has also been installed in a metal cabinet with power management, 3G Modem for external communication. The noise logger measures in FAST Response or 1 second samples and provides a full suite of overall statistical levels, as well as one-third octave spectral levels per sampling periods. The noise logger records audio records which may be interrogated to identify causes of exceedances.

The noise logger is designed for longer term deployment (or permanent installation) on a pole with noise data and control instructions communicated via 3G.

Noise data may be post-processed to provide a range of standard statistical reports for short periods (such as 15 minutes) with time-history plots of overall levels, or spectral levels provided on a daily basis.

Daily sonograms (3D plots of spectral level versus frequency and time) may also be provided on a daily or customised time basis.

The noise logger may be used to monitor compliance of industrial or mining sources with alarm thresholds being set and exceedances notified by SMS or email.


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