NS 8176:2017 Building Comfort Assessments

Ground Vibration Monitoring

Assessment of Transport Vibration Upon Human Comfort in Buildings

NS 8176:2017 for Rail and Road Transport


NEW! Service to Automate Assessment Reports

Savtek is providing a new service to SYSCOM MR3000C and ROCK logger users to automate assessment reports in accordance with NS 8176:2017 for ground vibration events ground vibration events due to rail or road traffic.

The service requires the user to select from the recorded ground vibration event data the desired number of events (minimum of 15) that satisfy the event selection criteria specified in Section 8.5 of the Standard.

The user then emails the selected event files to a dedicated SAVTEK account and if the user is authenticated the software will automatically generate the report in accordance with the requirements of the standard. The software will email a pdf report in accordance with Section 11 of the Standard which can be incorporated into a human comfort report for an existing building or a proposed building site.

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