ROCK – Ground Vibration Logger and Cloud Software

Autonomous Ground Vibration Monitoring

ROCK Ground Vibration Loggers and Cloud Software

SYSCOM ROCK + SCS Cloud Analysis and Reporting Software


Main features of the SYSCOM ROCK ground vibration logger are:

  • ROCK autonomy of 6 months (typical)
  • Baseplate, height adjustable, wall mount, ground spikes
  • Trigger based event and/or continuous background monitoring
  • Up to 4s pre-event time @1000sps and 30s post-event time, user settable related to sample rate
  • +-135mm/s measurement range
  • >110dB dynamic range @1000sps with 24 bits A/D converters
  • 500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz sampling rates, user settable
  • Best in class DIN45669 Class 1 compliant, 1-250Hz frequency range
  • SCS Cloud analysis and reporting
  • SCS smart notifications and enhanced alarming
  • Tri-axial velocity sensor, wall or floor mount options
  • Periodic user settable test pulse and system state of health status report


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