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Wireless Sensors

SINUS AP1021/AP1022 Wireless transmitter & receiver

1 or 2 Channel wireless transmitter unit for 200V polarised microphones or ICP microphones/accelerometers – Type 1.

  • up to 300m line of sight separation between transmitter and receiver
  • the receiver must be connected to a data acquisition device, such as the SoundBook or Apollo Box, or similar
  • LEMO 7 connector on the transmitter and BNC output on the receiver
  • frequency range of 10Hz to 20kHz with the 1 channel device. 10Hz to 10kHz with the 2 channel device
  • 6 hour rechargeable lithium ion internal batteries

The wireless sensor system can be used alongside other normal cabled sensors with the SoundBook/Apollo Box data acquisition systems to allow for a versatile range of noise and vibration measurement scenarios with the full versatility of all of the SAMURAI Software Acoustic Options.

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