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Accelerometers Cables and Accessories

A broad range of accelerometers, industrial, high sensitivity, single axis, biaxial, triaxial accelerometers may be supplied by SAVTEK.

Cables, magnetic bases and other accessories may also be supplied..

Sensitivities include:

  • 5 mV/g
  • 10 mV/g
  • 100 mV/g
  • 500 mV/g
  • 1000 mV/g
  • Building/slab accelerometers
  • Hand arm accelerometer for human vibration
  • Seatpad accelerometers for human vibration
  • Probe acceleromerts

Some example accelerometers include:

10,000 mV/g, ±0.6g, 0.08 to 260Hz, UNF 10-32, radial, 150g

IEPE, 1000mV/g, ±6g, 0.1 to 4000Hz, Binder 713(M12) axial, 165g

IEPE, 500mV/g, ±12g, 0.07 to 6000Hz, Binder 718,radial, 365g

IEPE, 100mV/g, ±55g, 0.2 to 10kHz, IP67, Binder 718, radial, 115g

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