Compliance of Outdoor Noise Levels

Wind Farm Monitoring

Compliance with Outdoor Noise Level Approval Conditions

Wind Farm Monitoring


Conformance with wind farm noise emission conditions in the external environment  can be conducted using the following instrumentation supplied by SAVTEK:

Outdoor Noise Monitoring

SINUS noise monitoring station (Swing) or equivalent fitted with a mast and outdoor microphone with suitable windscreen and with 3G Wi-Fi communications for data upload


CESVA SC310 Noise Station with 3G Wi-Fi communications for data upload


Munisense Noise Monitoring stations and Gateway (with up to 40 synchronised noise monitors mic using ZigBee wireless and cloud software for management of the noise data, including one-third octave spectral data.

Auxilliary equipment

Weather station linked in to SINUS external monitoring station or to Munisense noise monitoring system


Weather station feed from the wind farm operations (weather station on wind turbine at tower top)


It is expected that a system will be installed for a medium to long period to capture the noise emissions under a range of wind speeds and wind directions. The number of monitoring locations is only limited by the costs of assembling the required instrumentation and the duration of the monitoring period.

The optimal monitoring system for any given site may vary depending upon the availability of mains power and wireless communications to the 3G network.

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