Mining Noise Compliance Monitoring

Noise Monitoring

Mining Noise Compliance Monitoring


Mining noise compliance may be continuously assessed using a noise monitor which has an alarm facility,  as well as low pass filtering to enable the high frequency noise due to birds and insects to be filtered out.

Wireless connectivity means that sms or email alarms may be generated whenever there is an exceedance of the noise limits.

The monitoring system shall be integrated with a local weather station so that wind speed and direction may be synchronously logged along with the noise data.

A multi-channel system will enable noise levels to be monitored both internal and external to dwellings, along with infrasound levels, if appropriate.

The mining compliance concept involves installing a noise logger at each noise sensitive locations (perhaps on the roof) and then logging continuously the LAeq and maxLA levels and spectra, after applying a low frequency filter (say 600-800 hz).

Testing for impulsivity and tonality may be automated and included in the noise compliance assessment procedures.

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