Multi-Venue Noise Compliance Monitoring

Entertainment Noise Control

Multi-Venue Noise Compliance Monitoring

Entertainment noise monitoring by Munisence


When there are multiple venues in the same general area with music noise emissions impacting the same sensitive receptors the Munisence entertainment noise monitoring system may be used to identify venues that are non-compliant with their license noise limits.

The monitoring systems uses source microphones installed at specific locations adjacent to each venue with a single microphone at each sensitive receptor location being monitored.

The noise emissions from each venue may be correlated to determine the percentage of noise being emitted by each operating venue for each monitoring time period.

The monitoring system incorporates the following:

  • Very easy to set up UI for the venues and sensitive receptors
  • Correlation logic is developed for each installation by an external acoustic consultant with assistance from Munisence
  • Near real-time reporting of noise levels (couple of minutes delay)

Wireless outdoor microphones may be installed near each venue and sensitive receptor.

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