Ring Array Acoustic Cameras

Acoustic Cameras

Ring Array Acoustic Camera

SINUS Ring Array Acoustic Cameras 32Channel (500Hz to 10kHz) + Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis Instrument + AFD7001 Software


The SINUS Ring Acoustic Camera requires a multi-channel acquisition system such as the SINUS Tornado or Typhoon. The acquisition system must be 32 channels.

Two versions of a ring array are available:

  • Single circle with 32 microphones (500 Hz to 10 kHz)
  • Double circle with 32 microphones (500 Hz to 20 kHz)

AFD7001 software

  • Stationary sound sources (sound sources with a fixed location and quasi-stationary source signal)
  • Non-stationary sound sources (moving sound sources / sound sources with a transient source signal)

Utilization of traditional and novel beam-forming algorithms in the

  • Time domain (e. g. pass-by for objects moving at a constant speed)
  • Frequency domain (e. g. orthogonal beam forming for individual location of independent sound sources, elimination of the channel noise to increase signal-to-noise ratio)

Sound source characterization

  • Image of the sound situation as coloured, two-dimensional absolute map of the sound pressure level
  • Visualization of the sound situation by superimposing the map onto a photo of the test object (integrated camera, generation of individual images or image sequences / videos)
  • Generation and auralization of the source signal (listen in)
  • Identification of the sound pressure level spectra and local sound pressure level profiles
  • Evaluation of trigger signals
  • Support of arbitrary microphone arrangements

Analysis modes

  • Continuous location of sources (live mode)
  • Unrestricted recording time (streaming)
  • Unlimited analysis runs through post-processing with variable calculation parameters without the need of a new measurement (eg. selection of algorithms, subsequent disabling and weighting of individual channels)

General technical specifications 

AcoustiCam AFD 7001 (with ring 32)


32 x 1/4″ IEPE microphones (SMB connector)

Microphone arrangement

Numerically optimized double-ring microphone arrangement



Frequency range

500Hz … 10kHz

Minimum distance to test object

ca. 25cm

Object size


Maximum angle of view


Spatial resolution

28cm @ 1kHz, 14cm @ 2kHz, 7cm @ 4kHz, 3cm @ 8kHz

Signal-to-noise ratio

12dB @ 1kHz, 12dB @ 2kHz, 12dB @ 4kHz, 12dB @ 8kHz



Microphone calibration

Via centric point sound source or 1/4″ calibrator

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