SAMURAI Sound Map Software Option

Sound Intensity

SAMURAI Sound Map Software Option

SINUS Soundbook/Apollo Box or Lite or PCIe Cards + SAMURAI Software


Sound intensity probes may be connected to SINUS Messtechnik GmbH Soundbook/Apollo multi-channel data acquisition systems using SAMURAI software options or the SMT MATLAB Toolbox.

In addition to the basic SAMURAI software the Sound Intensity mapping SAMURAI Option is necessary for sound intensity measurements and analysis, including sound intensity contour mapping.

Screenshots and descriptions of the software options are provided below:

The “SAMURAI option: Sound Map” enables sound-mapping of objects simply by means of an intensity probe or microphone.

During the intensity measurement on an imaginary surface, the position of the moving intensity probe is captured with a camera. The user has to define the points of the sweep of the probe on the video in post. This allows for measurements points to be defined more accurately.

The following SAMURAI options are required:

  • SAMURAI opt. sound intensity
  • SAMURAI opt. sound map
  • SAMURAI opt. noise cam

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