Auditorium Sound Level, Frequency and STI Distribution

Building Acoustics

Auditorium Sound Level, Frequency and STI Distribution

SINUS Soundbook/Apollo Devices + SAMURAI software + multiple microphones

Overall sound levels (SLM) and Frequency (1/3 octave) may be measured simultaneously at multiple locations within an auditorium using a SINUS SoundBook/Apollo device/Expander with SAMURAI software.

The frequency distribution measured at one central or reference position may be used to create a “Reference spectrum” in SAMURAI over which the spectra from all other locations may be overlaid to provide a visual comparison of frequency distribution throughout the space being measured. All data can be readily exported into Excel for numerical post-processing and comparison.

The Speech Transmission Index may also be measured simultaneously at all microphone positions using the SINUS multi-channel data acquisition devices and the Room Acoustics Option in SAMURAI software.

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