Soundbook Multi-Channel SLM Class 1

Noise Measurements

SINUS Soundbook + Multiple Microphones & Cables SLM Class 1

Multiple Type 1 microphones can be connected to the SINUS SoundBook by cables to create a powerful multi-channel  sound Level Meter and frequency analyser. Multiple graphs can be displayed in real time (up to 16 graphs) and multiple inputs can be displayed on one graph. For example spectral data from three different microphones could be displayed on one spectrum graph.

The base SAMURAI software includes features such as:

SAMURAI software SLM – Sound Level Meter

  • Class 1 according to IEC 60561, 60804, 61672
  • Simultaneous A, C, Z frequency weightings
  • Time weightings Fast, Slow, Impulse
  • Lp, Lmax, Lmin, Leq, Lpeak of all level values
  • LE, LAtm1/3/5, Ln
  • 10 Percentiles
  • Acquisition of “Taktmaximal” levels as well as impulse and low-frequency content
  • Parallel storage of up to 5 sound level meters per channel with 61 measurement values at freely adjustable time intervals
  • Triggered storage possible

1/3 octave and octave analyzer

  • 1/3 octave filter according to IEC 61260 Class 0
  • Third-octave and octave band analysis in real time
  • Third-octave middle frequencies from 0.04 Hz … 80 kHz
  • Selectable third-octave band ranges (acoustics, vibration and user-defined)
  • Selectable averaging modes: linear, Fast, Slow, exponential
  • Simultaneous display of momentary, max, min and Leq spectra
  • Display and storage of total level
  • Display as bar, contour or line graph
  • Up to 5 third-octave and octave band analyzers per channel
  • Triggered storage possible

It is possible to display multiple spectra on one graph such as Leq, Max or Live.
A reference spectrum curve can also be plotted on the spectrum graph.

The base SAMURAI software allows for display of time signal as part of the wav recording.

Time history can also be displayed on one or more graphs and can include multiple traces on one graph from SLM values or 1/3 Bin values for one microphone or multiple microphones.

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