SINUS Typhoon

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition & Analysis

SINUS Typhoon

Multi-Channel Desktop Data Acquisition System – up to 96 channels


SINUS Typhoon is a 19″ multi-channel desktop data acquisition and analysis system with 24-bit ADC.

The Typhoon system enables installation of up to 12 Apollo PCI-Express measuring cards providing up to 96 channels of data.

An additional 1-slot APOLLO_PCIe-SLOW extension card provides additional connectors for external GPS system synchronisation as well as 8x SLOW channels for each Apollo_PCIe measuring card. By leveraging external sample synchronisation, the Typhoon measurement systems may be implemented with any number of channels up to 96.

The exchangeable, high-end CPU card (slot-Card CPU PIG-MG) with the Intel XEON Server CPU ensures high reliability. Power supply and ventilation have been sized generously.

Exchangeable 2.5″ SATA SSDs serve as data storage facility. The internal RAID system safeguards high data storage safety.

For mobile use a sturdy 19“ rack with 4 HE as additional protection casing, featuring lockable covers and strong carrying handles is provided.


SINUS SAMURAI real-time noise and vibration data measurement and analysis.

SINUS MATLAB  SMT – Measurement toolbox enables control and analysis of data of the Apollo_PCIe via MATLAB

Noise Works for Windows – post processing of data and report presentation.

ARTeMIS Modal Software – Operational and experimental modal analysis software utilisng data from SINUS multi-channel data acquisition systems

ME’Scope VES – Import of measurement data from SINUS Multi-channel data acquisition systems for detailed experimental modal analysis and response shapes

Detailed technical specifications are shown on SINUS Messtechnik GmbH webpage


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