Ground Vibration Logger with External Tri-axial Sensor

Ground Vibration Monitoring

Ground Vibration Logger with External Tri-axial Sensor

Model MR3000C + External Tri-axial Sensor by SYSCOM Instruments


Specifications for the MR3000C logger with an external tri-axial sensor include:

      • External Triaxial Velocity sensor (geophone), or MEMS Triaxial Accelerometer
      • External tri-axial sensor cable length is normally 25m but can be extended in lengths of 25m
      • Internal 3G modem
      • FTP Data Upload (Data Push) & generated reports
      • Open VPN communication
      • Notification alerts, SMS, email with alert hierarchy for multiple contacts
      • Wireless connectivity – Wi-Fi web server for accessing unit on siteText file output of data – can be integrated into any data analysis or management system
      • Horizontal or vertical mounting orientation (ordered from factory)
      • Levelling base plate for horizontal sensor
      • Remote access to settings using DDNS, OpenVPN or SCS Cloud software
      • Trigger on vibration levels – event recording with full signal data
      • Two threshold alarms, either vibration levels or frequency curves (standard or user defined frequency levels)
      • LAN/Power over internet (PoE)
      • Mains powered, battery, solar or PoE
      • Options
        – GPS (Factory installed and supplied only)
        – Cloud software (SCS)
        – External alarm devices (audible and/or light) – triggered by SMS
        – Master-Slave configuration (up to 32 monitors in a single synchronized network)


        • Construction
        • Demolition
        • Piling
        • Excavation
        • Tunneling
        • Compaction
        • Protection of historic buildings or structures
        • Protection of human comfort
        • Ground wave propagation with multiple synchronized units (Master slave configuration)


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