Seismic Monitoring Buildings and Structures

Seismic Monitoring

Seismic Monitoring Buildings and Structures



The SYSCOM MR3000SB seismic monitoring system detects strong motion vibrations upon buildings and structures.

The “red box” is compact and contains the sensor, recorder, internal battery, AC/DC convertor, with terminals for daisy chain fiber optic cable or Ethernet Copper Cable connections between units and abasement/ground floor computer and the internet.

Command and control is via an embedded web server which provides a self- explanatory interface to system set-up and control.

Easy installation and virtually no maintenance.

Units have a self-test pulse to confirm that system is operating and active.

  • Internal MEMS accelerometer, 4G range, DC to 600 HZ
  • Vertical or Horizontal mounting (specified on order)
  • Internal backup battery, around 60 hours
  • Internal SD card
  • Optional GPS timing (master unit synchronises with slave units)
  • Optional output relays

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