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Wind Tower Vibration Monitoring


Wolfel SHM.Tower

Every wind turbine has its own individual structural and vibration behaviour while in operation. The vibration load of wind turbines, especially for the tower, can vary considerably depending upon the location and operational modes of the wind turbine.

The actual wind loads experienced by a wind tower may vary substantially from the design loads due to different balancing conditions or pitch angle conditions.

SHM.Tower monitors the tower vibration at the head of the tower and provides vibration data from which the operating system of the wind turbine may be optimised to manage the asset and extend its lifetime.

The integrated processor directly evaluates the measured raw vibration data which can then be directly compared with the threshold values defined in ISO1086-21 and VDI 3834. Exceedence of the threshold values can be alarmed or advised as a warning output.

The operaing mode of the wind turbine can be analysed at any time in combination with simultaneously measured operating data, such as wind speed, rotor speed, pitch angle or azimuth angle. The operating mode and vibration load may be analysed on a daily, monthly or annual basis, with the effect of special events, such as storms and strong winds, also analysed.

Additional external sensors may also be connected within the SHM.Tower system to monitor strains ro relative shifts between the base and foundation of the tower.

SHM.Tower has been designed for fully automatic and autonomous operation on wind turbine towers. The system may also be connected to the web-based monitoring portal MIC Wind. This portal provides detailed information about the vibrations and the remaining lifetime of the tower.

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