Vibration Condition Monitoring of Wind turbines

Wind Farm Monitoring

Vibration Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbines

Wind Farm Monitoring


Vibration condition monitoring of wind turbines may be conducted using the MEDA system developed by Wȫlfel.

MEDA combines software with measurement technology and is a system which is based on the many years of experience of our measurement technicians, engineers and developers. This measuring system allows users to start their work immediately and efficiently.

This means

  • Outstanding user guide, helping the user to plan, take and completely evaluate a measurement
  • Possibility to combine the system with any existing or new sensors as desired
  • Steep learning curve, immediately ready for use
  • Excellent evaluation options and documentation of measurement results
  • Low TCO (total cost of operation)
  • Open data interfaces
  • Directly accessible default settings
  • Wired and wireless measurements

The main fields of application of MEDA are machine diagnostics, noise and vibrations, e.g. for trouble-shooting purposes or for constant monitoring. In addition, MEDA is also successfully used in the field of whole body vibration.

Fixed and wireless accelerometers may be utilized in MEDA systems

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