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Acoustic Camera Rental

Acoustic Camera – Brisbane

The AC100 Acoustic Camera is available for rental anywhere in Australia.

The AC100 is a very sophisticated and easy to use acoustic camera which is suitable for a wide range of users and applications. The handheld version uses a tablet mounted on the back of the acoustic camera, or the acoustic camera may be mounted on a tripod with a separate laptop or tablet.

The AC100 is very compact and easy-to-use for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The acoustic camera can be used with rear handles or mounted on a tripod.

The acoustic camera is supplied bundled with the BeamformX application software from OptiNav.

Stored acoustic camera recorded data can be easily post-processed after conducting the measurements to optimise the visual and acoustic results and images. The recorded measurement data can be post-processed using BeamformX software which can be installed on any computer without additional licensing costs.

Videos showing the acoustic camera in operation are provided on the SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website:

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