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New Improved Ground Vibration Logger

Model MR3003C by SYSCOM Instruments


The Model MR3003C Ground Vibration Logger is an improved version of the well known MR3000C logger.

The new model has lower power requirements as well as enhanced features related to the range of measuring modes, analysis and reporting features.

The MR3003C logger may be connected remotely to change operating, triggering or alarming features.

Data from the MR3003C may be uploaded to the SCS Cloud Software.

Improved processing power enables calculation of:

  1. New background modes related to different human comfort norms (ISO 2631-1/2, BS 6472-1, UNI 9614) including RMS and VDV calculations with weighted accelerations.
  2. Possibility to define day/night periods for background recording.
  3. New alarm based on the RMS.

Automatic disabling of Wi-Fi service after 10 min of inactivity is also included to reduce the power consumption of the unit.



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