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Vibrometer + Accelerometers


WBV (Buildings+Mobile Equipment) + HA

VC431 Vibrometer + Accelerometers by CESVA Instruments


Vibrometer for tri-axial measurement of workplace vibration exposure from hand-arm, whole body vibration for mobile equipment operators, or for humans within structures. Very simple to use – vibration exposure values calculated automatically. Supplied in case and includes analysis software.


1 Human Vibration in buildings – triaxial accelerometer (Model AC032)

Triaxial accelerometer for the measurement of human vibration in buildings.

  • Supplied with magnetic base or beeswax pads
  • 500mV/g sensitivity
  • 1 Hz to 6 kHz frequency range


2 Whole Body Vibration for operators of mobile equipment – triaxial seatpad accelerometer (Model AC033)

Triaxial seat pad accelerometer for the measurement of whole body vibration when seated on mobile equipment.

  • 100mV/g sensitivity
  • 0.15 Hz to 4 kHz


3 Hand-arm Vibration – triaxial hand-grip accelerometer (Model AC031)

Triaxial hand-arm accelerometer for the measurement of hand-arm vibration exposure.

  • 10mV/g
  • 0.8 Hz to 4000Hz
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