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SAVTEK Pty Ltd is an Australian company that specialises in selling and renting instrumentation, sensors, accessories and software for applications involving acoustics, vibration and seismic monitoring. Instrumentation for the assessment and monitoring of other related dynamic or slowly changing parameters, such as webcam images or video, speed, 3D orientation, GPS location, temperature, displacement, strain, etc. may also be provided.

SAVTEK has been supplying specialist instrumentation systems to customers across Australia and New Zealand since 2005.

Instrumentation systems and components have been supplied to engineers, consultants, scientists and technicians representing companies or state and local government departments from a broad range of industrial sectors, including defence, energy (coal seam gas, LNG, wind farms and coal mines), dams and water infrastructure, transportation, geotechnical(tunneling), construction, mining, education, entertainment and community (churches, medical and hospitals, community facilities).

SAVTEK has been involved with multi-channel data acquisition and analysis systems from its inception, providing customised instrumentation systems and sensors from its suppliers to satisfy the particular investigative, analysis or monitoring needs of customers for field or laboratory locations.

SAVTEK has worked closely with its suppliers to develop wireless and 3G communications to cloud software for the remote control of instruments and monitoring systems and to transfer data to distant customers’ offices.

Email and telephone support and detailed training is provided by SAVTEK staff for all products supplied to customers located anywhere in Australia, New Zealand, or nearby regions. Prompt responses to customer queries or problems (if they occur) by SAVTEK staff or by the supplier (if needed), are a hallmark of the service provided by SAVTEK to it’s sales and rental customers.

NATA Calibration of instrumentation and sensors is provided in collaboration with Calibre Technology of Capalaba (Brisbane Ph +61 7 3245 1730), or suppliers, as appropriate.

SAVTEK services customers across
the Australasian market.

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