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2-4 Channel Data Measurement System


Apollo Box by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Laboratory or Field Measurement System


The Apollo-Box is a flexible and reasonably priced 2- or 4-channel data acquisition system with a USB 2.0 interface to a laptop or desktop PC. This small and robust box transforms a PC or laptop computer into a high-quality, multi-channel measuring instrument for a wide variety of acoustic and vibration measurement applications, using either the  SAMURAI or MATLAB SMT software.

The Apollo_Box may be supplied with either 2 or 4 LEMO7 inputs or 4 BNC inputs. Additional low-sample-rate channels(x8) and 2 tacho or trigger channels are available. The Apollo_Box may also be used to provide additional dynamic channels when connected to a Soundbook_MK2 multi-channel data acquisition system

Using the Apollo_Sync_Hub, up to 4 additional Apollo_Boxes and/or Soundbook_Expanders may be simultaneously used in sample-synchronized operations. This enables a measurement system configuration with 2 to 36 measuring channels and many additional service(SLOW) channels.

Service channels enable additional acquisition of 8 slow process signals with 24 bit DC … 200Hz, external triggering with an adjustable trigger level or speed measurements with 2 tacho channels at a sample rate of 0,1Hz – 6MHz, as well as connection of a GPS receiver.

The new powerful Apollo filter processor allows high-precision real-time analysis with a large number of channels. 24-bit ADCs safeguard a high signal bandwidth with a linearity range >110dB (typical) complying with DIN 61672, crosstalk <80dB, phase error <0.01°@20kHz and a sample rate of up to 204.8kHz (switchable per channel).

The Apollo_Box supports ICP/IEPE sensors, as well as sensors requiring supply polarization voltages of 20V, 63V and 200V. The additional voltages of 20V and 63V cause an up-shift of the dynamic range by 20dB and 10dB for a polarization voltage of 200V. This eliminates the need for special microphones for high sound pressure levels, provided that the microphone is rated for high sound pressure levels.

The extensive SAMURAI software range makes the Apollo-Box a very easy to use and flexible instrument for sound and vibration measurements for many applications.

The SAMURAI standard software enables noise and vibration data to be measured and displayed as a time signal, a sound level meter, 1/3 or 1/1 octave and FFT analyzer and reverberation time analysis. All values are calculated in real time and for each channel. SAMURAI allows data acquisition and real-time analysis, as well as the post-processing of measured values without the need for data format modification due to the use of different software applications.

The Apollo_Box offers wired sample synchronisation with less than 0.5° phase difference up to 80kHz. Highly precise GPS pulse synchronisation with an accuracy of less than 25ns allows data synchronisation over a network of measuring stations that are kilometres apart is possible.


  • SINUS SAMURAI real-time noise and vibration data measurement and analysis.
  • Alternatively, SINUS MATLAB  SMT – Measurement toolbox enables control and analysis of data of the Apollo_PCIe using MATLAB


Other software for analysis and report preparation includes:

  • Noise Works for Windows – post processing of data and report presentation.
  • ME’Scope VES – Import of measurement data from Apollo Box multi-channel data acquisition systems for detailed experimental modal analysis and response shapes

Refer SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website for full technical specifications:

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