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32 Channel Measurement System


Tornado by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Up to 32 Channels – Desk and Portable Multi-Channel Data Acquisition System


Tornado is a compact measurement system with 24 bit ADC which is ideally suited for both desktop and field use where up to 32 channels of data need to be acquired and analysed.

The Tornado has a design and has three power supply options: AC, DC and battery (V-mount battery on the back of the device for up to 6 hours of autonomous operation).

Up to four Apollo PCI-Express Cards (2, 4 or 8 channel per card) data acquisition cards may be installed in Tornado. Additional connectors for external GPS system synchronisation and 8x SLOW channels are also available.

The Tornado measurement system features an extremely robust design at a moderate weight. The folding carrying handle at the top of the instrument is suited for transport and installation of the instrument in the field (eg. in a vehicle).


  • SINUS SAMURAI software real-time noise and vibration data measurement and analysis.
  • Alternatively, SINUS MATLAB  SMT – Measurement toolbox enables control of the instrument using MATLAB, as well as analysis of data from the instrument.

Other software for analysis or report preparation includes:

  • Noise Works for Windows – post processing of data and preparations of reports.
  • ME’Scope VES – Import of measurement data from multi-channel data acquisition systems for detailed experimental modal analysis and response shapes for structural analysis

Detailed technical specifications are shown on SINUS Messtechnik GmbH webpage:

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