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Accelerometers – Vertical + Tri-axial


Vibration Measurements

Accelerometers and Accessories

A range of single and tri-axial accelerometers are available for rental, either separately or with a multi-channel data acquisition system.

The details of the accelerometers are tabulated below:

Accelerometer Axes Sensitivity, mV/g Frequency range, Hz Mass, g Connection and supplied cable No in store
IMI 608A11 Single 100 0.5Hz – 10kHz 99.3 In built cable, 3m to Lemo7 connector 2
MMF KS74 Single 50 0.3Hz – 10kHz 30 1m cable to BNC 2
PCB352C33 Single 100 0.5Hz – 10kHz 5.8 Microdot to BNC, 6m 4
PCB356A26 Triax 50 0.7Hz – 4kHz 7 ¼-28 4 pin jack to BNC, 6m 2
PCB356A16 Triax 100 0.5Hz – 4.5kHz 7.4 ¼-28 4 pin jack to BNC, 6m 2
MMF KS823B Building vibration Triax 500 0.07Hz – 6kHz 365 Binder 718, radial, to 3 x BNC, 5m 1
MMF KS943B10

Hand arm vibration

Triax 100 0.5Hz – 19kHz 16 Binder 707 to 3 x BNC, 3m 1
MMF KB103SVD Seat Pad Accelerometer Triax 100 0.15Hz – 5.8kHz 310 Binder 711 to 3 x BNC, 3m 1
PCB356B41 Seat pad accelerometer Triax 100 1Hz – 1kHz 280 Integrated cable to 3 x BNC 1


If you need more accelerometers than are indicated in store, or accelerometers with different specifications please call SAVTEK on ph +61 7 3300 0363, or email with your requirements, timing and potential rental duration so that possible supply options may be explored.

More detailed technical specifications for the accelerometers may be found on the respective manufacturers websites, or may be obtained by contacting SAVTEK.


  • Magnetic base
  • 10m shielded cable, BNC to BNC
  • 25m shielded cable, BNC to BNC
  • 50m coaxial cable on drum, BNC to BNC


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