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Acoustic Head

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Binaural Recordings

Acoustic Head + Two channel measurement system + SAMURAI Software by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


Auralisation of binaural measurements in any internal space or outdoors using an acoustic head will provide an enhanced real-life recreation of the sound experienced by a listener.

The Neumann KU 100 dummy head is a binaural stereo microphone. It is a replica of the human head and has two microphone capsules built into the ears.

When listening through high-quality headphones the listener experiences the illusion of being right at the scene of the actual acoustic event or the environment that is being recorded.

The binaural stereo experience moves the listener into the scene of the original performance, in contrast to other recording techniques, where the listener does not perceive the 3D sound.

The dummy head may also be used to examine and document the influence of noise in industrial or environmental applications at various working places under realistic conditions.

Further details and specifications are provided on the Neumann website:

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