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Airflow Resistivity Testing

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Material Acoustic Properties

Airflow Resistivity Measurement

Resistivity Meter Model AED 300 plus AED 311 software

Supplied by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

The airflow resistivity meter AED 300 – AcoustiFlow® allows the determination of the airflow resistance of materials with open porosity on the basis of the direct-airflow method described in DIN EN 29053 (ISO 9053).

This technique requires the measurement of the pressure drop across the specimen to be examined as a function of the volume airflow.

Fields of application

The measuring system may be used for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Quality control during manufacturing process
    • cylindrical specimens in the laboratory
    • plates of materials in situ without destruction
  • Input parameters for acoustic modeling
    (see overview measuring systems vs. analysis software)

    • Absorber model according to Delany / Bazeley
    • Phenomenological Model for open porous asphalts, for example for rating of texture of road surfaces
    • Biot-Theory
    • numerical software solutions, such as Comsol Multiphysics*
    • calculation of insertion loss of mufflers (see software for acoustic design of mufflers Model AED 8001 – AcoustiCalc®
  • Optimization in research and development
    • of materials with open porosity
    • of structures and components

Specimen holders

Depending on the application, there are two different specimen holders available – specially adjusted types can also be supplied on demand.

Specimen holder I

  • Application: determination of airflow resistance of materials with open porosity in the laboratory
  • Specimens: cylindrical specimens with a diameter of 100 mm, as well as fills, fabrics and coverings
  • Method:
    • prepared cylindrical specimens of variable thickness are mounted and sealed into the specimen holder

Specimen holder II

  • Application: nondestructive determination of the airflow resistance of materials with open porosity in situ
  • Specimens: material samples with plane surface of at least 240 mm diameter
  • Method:
    • pressing of specimen holder onto the specimen with defined force
    • different seals between specimen holder and specimen can be delivered depending on the application


The airflow resistivity meter is supported by the analysis software AED 311.

  • determination of airflow resistance as a function of airflow velocity/volume airflow
  • computation of linear regression and extrapolation of airflow resistance to airflow velocity of 0.5 mm/s
  • averaging of results of various material samples
  • simple management and comparability of results by application of database.
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