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Auditorium Sound Distribution Testing

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Sound Distribution, including Level, Frequency and STI

Multi-channel measurement systems and SAMURAI Options by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


Overall Sound Levels, Frequency (1/3 octave) and Speech Interference Index (STI) may be measured at a single location, or simultaneously at multiple locations within an auditorium, using Multi-Channel measurement systems such as SoundBook, NoisePAD, laptops plus Expander, Apollo or Apollo Lite Boxes, with SAMURAI software options, all by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH.

The frequency distribution measured at one central or reference position may be used to create a “Reference spectrum” in SAMURAI over which the spectra from all other locations may be overlaid to provide a visual comparison of frequency distribution throughout the whole space being measured, if desired. All data can be readily exported into Excel for numerical post-processing and comparison.

The Speech Transmission Index may also be measured at one location, or simultaneously at multiple microphone positions using the Room Acoustics Option in SAMURAI software.

A sample screen shot displaying a webview of the auditorium plus three microphone positions is shown below:

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