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Binaural Dummy Head

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Binaural Dummy Head by Neumann

Model KU100 compatible with all Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Devices


The Neumann KU100 Acoustic Dummy Head is used for binaural recording. It is ideal for investigating room acoustics and interior acoustic design.

The complete set includes a dummy head with 1/2″ internal microphones, flight-case, cables and power supply.

Can be battery powered, mains powered (with supplied power supply) or phantom powered over XLR cables.

The binaural dummy head may be connected to any multi-channel data acquisition device, including the Soundbook/Apollo Box/Apollo Lite/Apollo PCIe Card/NoisePAD/VibPAD manufactured by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH, with data processed and displayed using SAMURAI software.

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