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Expander – 8 Channels


Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis Instruments by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Expander – 8 Channels

Expander is the second generation SINUS universal measurement system for sound and vibration measurements as well as general engineering measurements that is connected to any Laptop PC. It is based on the innovative Apollo platform. The high-performance 24-bit ADCs and the advanced Apollo filter processor combine highest precision, a large number of channels and a high signal bandwidth in one device.

The Expander+laptop enables measurements to be conducted virtually everywhere, in the office, in the factory and in the field. The Expander reliably withstands heat, cold, rain, dust, vibration and hard impacts. The Expander+laptop combines the performance of a high-quality Class 1 instrument with the capabilities of a PC. Data may be recorded with 8 measuring channels with LEMO7 input connectors to match the application requirements.

There are a large number of SAMURAI Software Options that have specific application to noise and vibration measurements. The software options are listed below (refer to the detailed description on the SAVTEK Sales web pages, or the SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website for further information, or call SAVTEK on Ph +61 7 3300 0363 or email

The base functions of SAMURAI software used by the SINUS data acquisition devices includes:

Sound Level Meter, 1/3 Octaves, FFT analysis, Reverb Time, Time History, Wav recording

Other SAMURAI software options available include:

  1. BUILDING ACOUSTICS (SAMBA) – measurement according to ISO 140 & ISO 717. For determination of the acoustical properties of rooms, dividing walls, structural elements and building materials.
  2. BUILDING VIBRATION – for measurements according to DIN 4150 and DIN 45669. This option allows the measurement and analysis of building vibration according to DIN 4150 for the purpose of the evaluation of its effects upon buildings and structures as well as people within them.
  3. ROOM ACOUSTICS – allows for calculation of STI, STIPA, RASTI and C50, C80
  4. BEARING ENVELOPE DEMODULATION – allows for assessment of rolling element bearing faults
  5. FRACTIONAL OCTAVES – 1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/24, 1/48 octaves according IEC 61620 in real-time
  6. HVMA – Human Vibration Multi Analyzer Software (3/6 channels) ISO 8041
  7. LIVE SOUND POWER – measurement of sound power in real-time
  8. MULTI-GENERATOR – sine, rectangle, triangle, multi-sine, sine-sweep, pseudo noise …
  9. NOISECAM VIDEO – allows for video documentation, files export, simple USB camera included
  10. ORDER TRACKING – order tracking from FFT allows for the investigation of vibration events and noise emissions in relation to rotating machines or equipment. In contrast to the FFT, not the level at a given frequency (FFT spectrum) but instead the level at a multiple or fraction of the basic rotational speed (order spectrum) is of interest here. For example, this technique can be used to locate gearbox damage.
  11. POST PROCESSING – allows for new analysis to be conducted from time signal of a previous recording and data import.
  12. PSYCHO ACOUSTICS – measurement of loudness and sharpness in real-time
  13. SOUND INTENSITY – Sound Intensity measurement in FFT and 1/3 octaves within SAMURAI
  14. SOUNDPOWER ISO 9614 – Sound Power according to ISO 9614 Part 1 & 2), opt. Sound Intensity required.
  15. SOUND INTENSITY MAP – semiautomatic Pressure or Intensity Map in Post-Processing uses a camera to take photo of object or area and the user defines the measurement points.
  16. SOUND POWER ISO 3744/45/46 – external program that allows for calculation of online sound power measurement with microphone hemisphere
  17. TIME SYNCHRONOUS AVERAGING – often used for rotating machinery to help analyse gear faults. The FFT data is linked to a reference rotation to enable it to extract the repeated parts of the vibration signal from the complex background noise.
  18. TONALITY ISO 1996-2 – allows for assessment of tonality of signals according to ISO 1996-2 Appendix C. The result is obtained from the FFT curve.
  19. TRANSFER FRF – data acquisition with impact hammer and accelerometer to calculate transfer functions
  20. VIBRATION METER – single & double integration of acceleration levels including filters according to ISO 10816. Optimised for machine vibration.
  21. VIRTUAL TACHO – RPM calculation from the signal based on FFT analysis
  22. WEATHER STATION – integration of data and support of weather stations from Thies NHTBF and Vaisala WXT520
  23. ZOOM FFT – allows for FFT analysis of a smaller frequency range using more lines that full spectrum FFT – 100-6400 lines

Training in the use of the Expander+laptop and each SAMURAI module proposed to be utilized is included in the rental charge.

The laptop is supplied by the customer and not by SAVTEK.

A variety of acoustic and vibration sensors which connect to the Expander are available for rent from SAVTEK .

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