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Field Sound Transmission Loss Measurement

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Field Sound Transmission Loss Testing of Building Elements using Sound intensity

Hardware + SAMURAI Software + Sound Map Option + Sound Intensity Probe by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH


Field sound transmission loss values may be determined in-situ by using a data acquisition system, such as Soundbook/NoisePAD/Apollo or Apollo Lite Box plus laptop, basic SAMURAI Software plus Option: Sound Map, power amplifier, sound source and a sound intensity probe.

R´w may be determined from sound intensity measurements for airborne sound insulation rating. The airborne insulation value, in decibels, is specified from the reference curve at 500 Hz after shifting it according to the ISO 717/1.

The SoundMap Software Option may also be used to detect sound leakage locations.

Typical results displays are shown below for both applications:

Field Sound Transmission Loss Testing

Scanning method shown (upper plot right)


Sound Leakage Detection

View main image above (lower plot right)



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