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Hand-Arm Vibration – Analysing Operator HAV


Soundbook/NoisePAD/Apollo Boxes + Tri-Axial Hand-Arm Accelerometer by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Analysing Operator HAV

Hand-arm vibration levels may be measured using all multichannel data acquisition systems and SAMURAI software manufactured by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH as follows:

  • Hardware: Soundbook 4ch, NoisePAD, Apollo or Apollo Lite Boxes plus Laptop
  • Tri-axial Hand-arm accelerometer and handle mount
  • Software: SAMURAI + Option: HVMA
  • Option: NoiseCam Option – to record video footage of hand arm vibration source synchronised with vibration measurements

The dose value may be shown directly on the screen in real-time and saved in a measurement file which may be reviewed and replayed for further analysis or for incorporation into a report.

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