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Hand-Arm Vibration – Monitoring Operator HAV


Model VC431 Vibrometer (HA Mode) + HA Tri-axial accelerometer by CESVA Instruments

Monitoring Operator HAV

The VC431 triaxial vibrometer (in accordance with the regulation ISO 804) is an ideal instrument for field vibration measurements of hand-arm vibration levels.

The hand-held instrument is ideally suited to the field assessment of hand-arm vibration (HA) due to it’s compact size and low weight, and ease of use.

The vibrometer has great storage capacity and saves the time history of all measurements. The vibrometer has USB connectivity and power.

The VC431 has a user-friendly display which simultaneously measures vibration in three axes and displays all relevant parameters for hand arm vibration exposure assessment.

The functions available for HA measurements are shown in the following table:

Function Description of HAND-ARM (HA) Mode functions
ahx Rms value of acceleration in the x axis with Wh weighting
Rms value of acceleration in the y axis with Wh weighting
Rms value of acceleration in the z axis with Wh weighting
ahv Total value of acceleration
A(8) Daily exposure to vibration
A(8)p Projected daily exposure to vibration
tp Projection time (programmable)
tn Measurement time


The tri-axial accelerometer (AC031) is fitted to the handle of the work equipment using the optional handle adaptor

The free CESVA Capture Studio software (included with the vibrometer) enables the measurements conducted with the VC431 to be easily downloaded via USB and the results analyzed quickly and simply.


ISO 2631-2

EN ISO 8041:2005        Vibrometer

ISO 8041:2005             Cor1:2007 Vibrometer

OIML R 103:1992          Vibrometer



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