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Human Vibration (HVMA) Software – Occupational Noise & Vibration


Human Vibration (HVMA) – SAMURAI Software Option

Suitable for all Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis Instruments by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Occupational Noise & Vibration

SAMURAI base software is  a pre-requisite for the Human Vibration Multi-Analyser (HVMA) Option in all of the multi-channel data acquisition systems by SINUS (ie. Soundbook, NoisePAD, Apollo Boxes).

HVMA Option

The HVMA (Human Vibration Multi-Analyzer) SAMURAI software option enables the impacts of vibration upon a human to be measured and evaluated.

The HVMA option software option enables simultaneous vibration measurement in all three spatial directions. All frequency weighting filter curves in ISO 2631 and ISO 5349 standards are available. Alongside the measured values for each of the three spatial directions, the value of the result vector is displayed for hand-arm and whole-body vibration. In parallel to the above, third-octave, FFT and level-time history signals can be displayed and saved in both weighted and unweighted forms.

The portable and robust multi-channel measurement system is available with up to eight channels, thereby enabling monitoring at two tri-axial locations simultaneously (eg. on a seat pad and a cabin floor) and also acoustical monitoring (if required) simultaneously with the vibration measurements.

In addition, the vibration data may also be recorded simultaneously with a video record using an additional SAMURAI OPTION – NoiseCAM.

HVMA Technical specification

  • 2 / 4 / 8 channels
  • Frequency ranges from 0.15 Hz
  • Frequency weightings: Wc, W d, W g, W j, W k, W b, W b_comb, W m, W db, W h, W a, W v
  • Measurement values: instantaneous, exposure, crest, max, min, CF, peak, VDV, MTVV
  • Vector calculation in real-time with axis weightings
  • Additional data formats: time signal, third-octave and FFT of the vibration signal as well as acoustic measurement values from the SAMURAI basic functionality
  • Export measurement results to Excel, TXT, UFF and NWWin formats
  • Option: video recording of vibration events using NoiseCAM SAMURAI software option ( see description below)


NoiseCAM Option

The NoiseCam SAMURAI Option allows a video to be recorded synchronously with a freely selectable compression rate, in addition to noise or vibration data recording.

Two values from a measurement channel can also be superimposed on the video image together with the instantaneous measurement time. Measurement sequences and conditions can therefore be easily and clearly documented. The export to a multimedia standard format enables the video (and the measured data) to be replayed on any PC.


  • Video recording synchronous with noise and vibration measurement
  • Superimposition of date, time and levels
  • Compatible with most cameras and web-cams
  • Fast and efficient video compression
  • Selectable frame rate
  • Superimposition of a company logo
  • Export as WMF and QuickTime


Any multi-channel data acquisition system by SINUS, a valid SAMURAI license and a compatible camera.

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