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Indoor Windfarm Noise Monitoring

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Compliance of Indoor Noise and Vibration Levels with Approval Conditions

Wind Farm Noise Compliance

Monitoring system by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Conformance with wind farm noise emission and vibration conditions in the internal environment of dwellings can be conducted using instrumentation supplied by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH.

Internal Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Multiple channel data acquisition systems, such as stand-alone systems of Soundbook/Noise PAD or Apollo/Apollo Lite boxes by SINUS MesstechnikGmbH

Microphones – Class 1 installed concurrently in one or more rooms of the dwelling

Infrasound microphones – Class 1 installed concurrently in one or more rooms of the dwelling

Tri-axial Velocity seismometers or accelerometers may be simultaneously monitored with the microphones inside a dwelling.

Auxiliary equipment

Local weather station linked in to the data acquisition system, or

Weather station feed from the wind farm operations


Monitoring may be installed for a medium to longer term period to capture the noise emissions and vibration levels under a range of wind speeds and wind directions. There is no limit to the number of dwellings which may be monitored simultaneously. Inclusion of GPS at each monitoring site will facilitate synchronisation of the measured data at each monitoring location, if required.

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