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Infrasound Microphones

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Wind Farm Noise

Infrasound Microphones + Accessories


Infrasound microphones may be used with SINUS multi-channel data acquisition instruments to monitor wind farm noise at locations internal or external to a dwelling, either alone or in association with other standard microphones or vibration sensors.

Microphone accessories include windscreens, tripods, holders/adaptors for tripods

Available infrasound microphones are listed below:

Microphone Diameter Dynamic Range Frequency Range Type Connector No in stock
Microtech Gefell MK255 ½” 15dBA – 135dB 3.5Hz – 20kHz ICP BNC 3
GRAS 40AZ – Infrasound ½” 14dBA – 148dB 0.5Hz – 20kHz ICP BNC 2


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