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Infrasound Noise Monitoring

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Noise Monitoring of Wind Turbines by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Wind Farm Noise

Infrasound noise may be monitored either external or internal, or simultaneously in both external and internal locations, to a dwelling to monitor the infrasound exposure level upon occupants of a dwelling from wind turbine operations.

External Infrasound measurements

Infrasound levels may be measured at one or more external locations using an infrasound microphone located in an excavated hole in the ground with a suitable foam covering, or using a special windshield, as shown.

Internal Infrasound measurements

Infrasound noise levels may also be measured internally using one or more infrasound microphones in various rooms of a dwelling.

Microphones may all be connected to a multi-channel data acquisition system (such as a Soundbook/NoisePAD/Apollo  or Apollo Lite boxes by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH) so that all infrasound data is collected simultaneously and is synchronized.

Internal and External Infrasound measurements monitored simultaneously

Sames as for each location but connected simultaneously to the data acquisition system.

Seismometers/accelerometers located internal to the dwelling may also be connected to the data acquisition system and monitored simultaneouly with the infrasound measurements,  if desired.

A weather station may also be installed external to the dwelling and input into the measurement system to monitor local meteorological conditions, if desired.

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