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Logger Network


MR3003 Logger plus Master – Slave Network Configuration by SYSCOM Instruments


The Master-Slave network option enables up to 32 MR3003C loggers to be connected together in a single time synchronised ground vibration monitoring network, where one logger is designated as the Master and all other loggers are designated as Slaves.

The Master-Slave network option maintains the same technical performance specification for the MR3003 loggers with either internal or external geophones (or accelerometers).

The time synchronisation is achieved via physical cabling connections with all data being uploaded to the SCS Cloud software for analysis and automatic reporting.

One of the benefits of the network of loggers is improved triggering and alarm functions.


  • Ground wave propagation using three single axis velocity sensors
  • Railway and road bridge monitoring
  • Comparison of simultaneous construction event responses at multiple locations within a single building or structure, using a single logger with 1-3 sensors
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