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MONILOG® ShockDisplaycurve 2 plus

Transport data logger with highly sensitive sensors for measuring different risk factors. Standard-compliant data recording. Immediate data availability via free app.

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  • The MONILOG® ShockDisplay curve 2 plus is an easy-to-use and versatile data logger.
  • It monitors sensitive goods on long transport routes and in critical environments, such as transformers, generators, switchgear or fragile optics, medical or automotivep components.
  • The sensor technology of the data logger measures impact events, temperature, air humidity, air pressure and inclination — important for transport under protective gas or for temperature-sensitive and moisture-sensitive transport goods.
  • Via an integrated GPS receiver, the respective location of the transport goods can be located both at critical events as well as at time intervals.
  • Recorded position records can be thus imported, clearly visualized and evaluated e.g. in Google Earth© or other programs.
  • The license-free software MONILOG® SYCUR allows easy and intuitive operation of the data logger.
  • Commercially available alkaline batteries ensure a mains-independent power supply.
  • A robust housing with an IP67 certification protects the device from dust and splash water.
  • The measurement data can be read out and evaluated conveniently with the smartphone via NFC or via the USB port.
  • The free app MONILOG® Connect sends the read status report as a PDF file by e-mail.
  • With the device, the causes of transport damage can be precisley determined over very long periods of time.
  • The minimum energy consumption and a long, maintenance-free operating time make the MONILOG® ShockDisplay curve 2 plus an autonomous measuring device, which also works extremely reliably under adverse environmental conditions.
  • The MONILOG® ShockDisplay curve 2 plus meets all standards and guidelines for shock measurment and transport monitoring.


Housing: Aluminium, hard-anodized • degree of protection IP67; weight: 1.07 kg including alkaline batteries • 42 g each magnetic base; size: 198 x 100 x 44 mm (D x W x H) • Ø 32 x 7 mm² (small magnetic base); surface mounting (3-point screwed connection recommended), magnetic foot mountings optional
Operation and storage conditions: -20°C to +60°C with alkaline batteries; -40°C to +85°C with lithium batteries
Data memory, time: Data receipt for a minimum of 10 years, independent of battery status; 32 MB flash parameter and data storage; date/time as world time UTC, supported by the internal battery, exchange at the manufacturer after 6 years needed
Power supply: Internal: 2 batteries type D or R20 replaceable; Alkaline batteries (2 x 1.5 V, 16,000 mAh) • lithium batteries (2 x 3.6 V, 17,000 mAh) • Operating time up to 3 years, typically 1 year (for alkaline batteries, all options active with relevant settings); External: Mini-USB AB 5 V • external voltage supply (6 – 24 V, < 15 W) via IP67 connector (to RS232 / Power)
Interfaces: USB 2.0 Client (Mini-USB AB) • RS232 via IP67 five-pole connector (for optional use) • NFC: Status report can be read out with smartphone and free app “MONILOG® Connect” • Saving and sending the PDF report by e-mail; Analog input: connection for analog pressure sensor
GPS position sensing: 32 satellite channels (GPS, SBAS, BeiDou, QZSS) • SMA socket for connection of an external active antenna 50 Ω 3 to 30 mA, 3 V (rod or cable antenna) • 25,000 data records, tolerance 100 m
Operating and indication elements: illuminated LCD display, indication of: date, time, room vector, integrated shock strength and duration, minimum, maximum, number of shock and inclination events; multilingual and password-protected menu navigation
Conformity: Device certification according to CE, UKCA, RoHS, WEEE • shock evaluation according to DIN EN 15433-6 • frequency analysis according to DIN EN 13011 • Use according to IEEE C 57.150-2012
Sensors and data measurement
Acceleration and shock: 14 g (3 axes, 2,000 Hz, tolerance ± 0.32 g) • configurable digital signal filtering • when the registration threshold is exceeded, shock curves are recorded • the 500 highest shock curves are stored • optional: 30 g, 1,600 Hz, tolerance ± 0.6 g or 60 g, 1,600 Hz, tolerance ± 1.2 g)
Inclination: Inclination calculation from static acceleration • when the registration threshold is exceeded, up to 640 inclination curves (12 Hz, 8 s, tolerance ±3°) are recorded according to the event • additionally continous inclination recording adjustable in interval between 1 minute and 24 hours • 200,000 data records
Temperature: -40°C to +85°C • tolerance ±0.5 K • 200,000 data records
Relative humidity: 0% – 100% RH • tolerance ±2% RH (on 20 … 80% RH) • 200,000 data records
Light: 0 lx – 65,000 lx • tolerance ±15 % • 200,000 data records
Air pressure: 260 – 1,260 mbar • ±2 mbar tolerance (optional: 10 – 2,000 mbar, ±4 mbar tolerance) • 200,000 data records • when connecting an external pressure sensor, the external pressure is stored
Evaluation / device configuration: on the device display or other evaluation options via the software included in the scope of delivery for WIN 7 / 8 / 10
Calibration: Factory calibration valid for 2 years, unless otherwise agreed
Programmable parameters: Shock registration thresholds x, y, z • minimum shock duration, shock strength • limit for inclination, temperature, humidity, pressure • alarm indication on the display • intervals for continuous measurement of GPS, inclination, temperature, humidity and pressure • password for reading, configuring, On/Off switching • Start/Stop time for the data recording

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