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Multiple Reverberation Time Measurements

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Reverberation Time Measured Simultaneously at Multiple Locations

Multi-Channel Instruments + SAMURAI Software by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

+ Multiple Microphones

Reverberation may be measured simultaneously at multiple locations within a large room or auditorium, using a multi-channel instrument, such as a Soundbook or NoisePAD, or Apollo/Apollo Lite Boxes plus laptop; with the only limitation being the number of channels available on the instrument. The SAMURAI Reverberation Software Option enables reverberation to be measured and analysed in accordance with the respective ISO standards at a single position, or simultaneously at multiple positions within a large room, auditorium, theatre  or indoor sports stadium.

The space may be excited using impulse, interrupted noise or swept sine wave sources, either using the SAMURAI Signal Generator Software Option to provide an output signal from the instrument, or by some other external means.

Multiple microphones may be set up in different parts of a room using a single or multiple source location. All locations may be analysed using the same numbers of averages and statistical analysis, in accordance with the standards. Use of multiple simultaneous microphones may be more efficient and controlled than using consecutive single measurement microphones at multiple locations in a theatre or large space.

Typical SAMURAI set-up and results windows are shown below:

Further details and specifications are provided on SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website:

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