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Noise Cloud Software


NoisePlatform Cloud Software by CESVA Instruments

Smart City Solutions

On-line noise monitoring platform

NoisePlatform cloud software is an on-line platform that displays and dynamically analyses, in real time, the noise measured by a network of noise stations that can monitor the entire area affected by noise-generating activities.

  • A noise monitoring solution involving one or multiple CESVA TA120 noise stations that can cover a broad urban or project area over both short and longer term time periods
  • Economically sustainable. NoisePlatform cloud software offers low monthly usage costs
  • High-precision overall noise level data measurement, utterly reliable transmission of information and totally secure data storage
  • NoisePlatform delivers access, display, analysis, downloads and reports 100%-on-line without the need for any other software, and is permanently availabile

NoisePlatform is an on-line cloud software platform that displays and dynamically analyses, in real time, the noise measured by a network of noise stations that can monitor an entire area affected by noise generating activities, such as road traffic, railways, airports, cities (Smart Cities), industrial facilities, leisure areas or quiet areas, such as natural parks and recreational areas.

NoisePlatform enables shorter or longer term noise monitoring to be conducted, analysed and reported efficiently and effectively

NoisePlatform makes it possible to cover an area to be monitored with one or more CESVA TA120(class 1) noise stations (measuring LAeq levels). Some CESVA TA420 noise stations at critical locations may also feature spectral frequency measurements, including 1/3 octave band spectra measurement and audio recordings, as well as meteorology. The use of multiple low cost noise stations makes it possible to cost-effectively increase the number of monitoring locations around a potential noise source of concern.

Once the noise stations have been installed, NoisePlatform receives the information instantly and stores it on the cloud platform. The data measured by the noise stations can be viewed in different formats to accommodate the needs of each user.

The Noise Platform software features multiple tools that facilitate the evaluation of information (levels on map, graphics, tables, calculations, weekly and monthly calendars) and the generation of on-line reports, including comparison of time periods or monitoring locations. NoisePlatform also sends a warning email when the permitted noise level is about to be exceeded at any monitoring location.

In this way, all the stakeholders may be involved in the project (ownership, consultants, contractors, authorities and the affected population) through the different user profiles and the project’s public website that makes it possible to share information and demonstrate commitment and compliance with the standards and regulations.

NoisePlatform is the easiest and most economical solution, whether for noise consulting projects lasting for a few days or weeks, or for permanent smart city projects.


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