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Noise Monitoring Station


Model TA120 Noise Station by CESVA Instruments

Smart City Solutions

The TA120 sensor combines the precision of a Class 1 sound level meter, the maximum protection of  an outdoor microphone kit and full connectivity with NoisePlatform cloud software by CESVA  Instruments and many other open source platforms.

  • Continuous measurement (24h/7d) with class 1 accuracy, according to IEC 61672-1
  • Outdoor microphone protection against wind, rain, birds and insects
  •  IP65 protection against dust and water
  • Compatible with NoisePlatform Cloud Software  and many other open source software platforms
  • Light weight, small size and easy to install
  • Powered by mains, POE (Power over Ethernet), 12 VDC (Solar panels plus external batteries)
  • Communication by Ethernet (RJ45), loop 4-20mA*, Wi-Fi*, GPRS/3G modem*  (*Optional)
  •  Suitable for Smart city applications, permanent noise surveillance networks, protection of quiet areas, display of noise levels in real time
  • Measuring range from 35dBA to 120dBA

The integration time is configurable between 1s* and 60min and continuous measurements are enabled, 24 hours / 7 days a week. The TA120 can be quickly checked with an acoustic calibrator.
Note: *Integration times shorter than 10s require high-speed networks.

The TA120 is very easy to install on street lights, marquees, billboards, shelters, kiosks and advertising posts and requires minimum annual maintenance.

The TA120 is powered through the mains, POE, 12 VDC voltage or through the urban lightning network with battery backup. The BA120 optional battery may also be installed.

The TA120 sensor is fully integrated into different software platforms, such as NoisePlatform,  Sentilo, Telefonica, SmartyPlanet, etc.

Communication from the TA120 Noise station can be provided via:

  • Ethernet (LAN)
  • current loop 4-20 mA*
  • Wi-Fi module*
  • modem GPRS/3G module* 


The TA120 uses HTTP and HTTPS (secure connection) with UL2.0 (UltraLight 2.0) format, JSON (Java Script Object Notation) format, or Other (consult for more options).

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