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Noise Station and Cloud Software

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Noise Station and Cloud Software by Munisence

The INSIGHTNOW™ noise measurement system by Munisence is optimized for one or more noise monitoring locations with real-time measurement data displayed via the internet.

The noise stations are energy efficient, weather-resistant, small, wireless enabled, sound level meters, which store the measurement data in real time in the INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software platform.

The noise stations comply with IEC 60651/60804/61672 and are Class 1 sound level meters which are suitable for legal use. The noise stations may be used indoors, as well as outdoors, and measure all acoustic parameters, including 1/3 octave spectral data and audio streaming. The output from an INSIGHTNOW™ noise station is displayed via the INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software platform.


The INSIGHTNOW™ noise stations have extremely low energy consumption and can operate for ten days on a rechargeable Li-Ion  battery. An optional battery pack extends the operational time to more than 40 days. Addition of a small solar panel to the noise station allows continuous and fully autonomous operation. 

A large geographical area may be covered by a network of noise stations

Up to 40 noise stations can be wirelessly connected to form a distributed network of monitoring locations. The network can span a large area, such as an inner city area, construction site, industrial precinct, or mining operation. The noise stations are linked to the INSIGHTNOW™ cloud software platform via a gateway. Optionally, the individual noise stations can be fitted with an internal 4G modem to connect to the cloud software platform without the remote gateway.

Noise stations are also available as outdoor Type 2 and indoor Class 2 for entertainment or industrial spaces.

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