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Omni-Directional Speakers

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Omni-Directional Speaker and Power Amplifer


Omni-Directional Speakers and Power Amplifers may be supplied by either SINUS Messtechnik GmbH or CESVA Instruments.


DO12 Dodecahedron

PA1000 Amplifier + Generator

1 kW, white & pink noise, RFC

QS12 Dodecahedron 121dB


QS72 Dodecahedron 140dB

DO06 Dodecahedron

Further information is provided on the SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website:

Additional information is also provided on the Qsources website:


Omni-directional Sound Source

This unit consists of an omni-directional loudspeaker(BP012) and Amplifier(AP602).

Features include:

  • 1/3-octave band graphic equalizer(AP602)
  • Small size: 350 x 300 x 150 mm(AP602)
  • Lightweight : 4.75 kg (AP602) & 14.5 kg (BP012)
  • Bluetooth® wireless technology
  • Remote control(MA001 ) included
  • Sound power 123 dB

Omni-directional Loudspeaker(BP012)

The Omni-directional Loudspeaker(BP012) has 12 loudspeakers mounted in a dodecahedral housing. This ensures omni-directional sound radiation of up to 123 dB sound power with pink noise in 1/3-octave bands from 50 – 5000 Hz for more than an hour.

  • Carrying case includes wheels to facilitate the mobility of BP012


Amplifier(AP602) for omni-directional sound source comprises a white and pink noise generator, 1/3-octave band graphic equalizer and a power amplifier.

Further details are provided on the CESVA Instruments website:

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