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PCIe Multi-Channel Data Acquisition Cards


Apollo PCIe Cards by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

Desktop PC Multi-Channel Data Acquisition and Analysis


The Apollo PCIe-Express cards for desktop PCs provide a means to implement a low-cost, high-precision vibro-acoustic measurement system with a large number of channels. The synchronized sample rate of DC … 204kHz per channel combined with the dynamic range of 120dB of the integrated ADCs ensures a wide range of  desktop applications.

The Apollo PCIe-Express data acquisition cards are especially well suited for:

  • Data acquisition and analysis using a desktop PC
  • Customized multi-channel vibro-acoustic measuring instruments
  • Noise and vibration monitoring and analysis
  • Machinery and equipment status monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Research and development

PCIe cards may be provided with a range of input connectors, such as:

4xBNC, 4xLEMO7, 8xSMB, *xNIM CAMAC coax (LEMO 00 series), 1xDSUB(2 channels, support for GRAS41AM/CN), 1xDSUB(4 channels, support GRAS41AM/CN), 1xDSUB (8channels)

The PCIe measuring cards may be mounted in an empty PCI Express slot in any modern Windows PC. For channel extension any number of measuring cards may be inserted into a PC and synchronized for sample accuracy. Reduction of the data volume is achieved by adjusting the sample rate of each channel individually (binary decimation).

Customized, sample-synchronized multi-channel measurement systems with many channels may be built using SINUS Apollo PCIe cards and are supplied pre-assembled. The system will be supplied as a tested complete system including a comprehensive final inspection report.

The new powerful Apollo filter processor allows high-precision real-time analysis with a large number of channels. 24-bit ADCs safeguard a high signal bandwidth with a linearity range >110dB (typical) complying with DIN 61672, crosstalk <80dB, phase error <0.01°@20kHz and a sample rate of up to 204.8kHz (switchable per channel).

The Apollo_PCIe service channels enable external triggering with an adjustable triggering level, or speed measurements via 2x tacho channels from 0.1Hz to 6MHz.

The APOLLO_PCIe-SLOW 1-slot extension card may be used for additional acquisition of 8 slow process signals with 24 bit DC … 200Hz and the connection of a GPS receiver.

Multiple Apollo_PCIe cards can be synchronised for sample-synchronous operation using a flat ribbon cable. The synchronisation offers sample synchronicity with less than 0.5° phase difference at up to 20 kHz.


  • SINUS SAMURAI real-time noise and vibration data measurement and analysis.
  • Alternatively, SINUS MATLAB  SMT – Measurement toolbox enables control and analysis of data of the Apollo_PCIe using MATLAB software

Other software for analysis and report preparation include:

  • Noise Works for Windows – post processing of data and report presentation.
  • ME’Scope VES – Import of measurement data from SINUS Multi-channel data acquisition systems for detailed experimental modal analysis and response shapes

Refer SINUS Messtechnik GmbH website for full technical specifications:

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