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Pegasus Handheld Vibration Logger


Pegasus by HGL Dynamics

Ultra-Portable Multi-Channel Measurement and Analysis Instrument

Vibration Measurement + Analysis

Pegasus specification includes:

  • 2-5 Channels
  • 0-80 kHz Bandwidth, 90+ dB SNR
  • 12+ Hours Recording Time (NiMh Batteries)
  • On-board Storage (SD Cards to 128 GB)
  • Touch Screen Control & Display
  • USB for Tethered Operation, Charging, Data Offload

Powerful, Practical, Precise.

Pegasus represents the ultimate in handheld / portable measurement equipment. Within its ultra-compact chassis it provides between 2 and 5 analogue inputs each with Voltage and IEPE conditioning. Each channel is supported by a separate ADC allowing truly synchronous 16-bit acquisition up to 80kHz bandwidth, this is unheard of in a unit of this size.

The built-in 3.5″/4.3” touchscreen provides a modern user experience when configuring or acquiring data; additionally unique within this class of equipment is the ability to monitor the input signals via the integrated real-time monitoring displays.

Pegasus also includes on-board storage, using SD card technology, up to 128 GBytes which represents 18 hours of recording on 5 channels at 80kHz bandwidth. A USB connection provides the ability to operate in tethered mode when attached to a PC; data captured on the SD card can be uploaded quickly if required.

Power is supplied by 4 on-board AA cells either Alkaline (6+ hours) or NiMh rechargeable (12+ hours), the latter can even be recharged on-board when connected to a PC / charger via the USB.

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